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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dave Crosby Does Details

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Dave Comments:
"on Pete Doherty: "i don't really have any, and he wouldn't listen anyway. he'll reach the bottom and he'll either want to fix himself up or he won't. there isn't anything i can do about it."
on what he could buy with all the money he spent on drugs in his life: "i'm sure i've spent $10 million, but it could have been 15. the time i wasted is way more valuable than the money, though. time really is the final currency."
on why this generation's opposition to the iraq war is so feeble compared to the generation opposing vietnam: "it's very simple. there's no draft. in vietnam, college students were staring death in the face, and that will get your attention very quickly—and bring your idealism to the fore. if they put in a draft, people will react. and i'll have to think about where i'm going to live because i have an 11-year-old son and they'll be getting him over my dead goddamn body."
on surviving his lifestyle of excess during the sixties: "i don't know anybody who did what i did and lived. they must have more work for me to do here. sometimes i get survivor guilt. i think about hendrix or joplin and other friends of mine and wonder, why them and not me?""

Folks, Dave Crosby spent 10-15 million dollars on drugs!!! & he is still alive?! That is one of the craziest things I have ever heard. I had no idea he was that BIG of a druggie.

Source: Popbytes

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