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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Well it's time for me to bid all of you farewell!
I leave on my vacation soon and will not be posting
any TIDBITS until April 5th.

I'll be staying here:
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I'll be laying here:
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I'll be drinking this:
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I'll be playing here:
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Thanks to all who read my blog!
Below are some of my fav gossip sites
for you to visit until I return!

Seriously OMG! WTF!
Gossip Or Truth
Allie Is Wired
Lainey's Entertainment Update
Crazy Days And Nights
Perez Hilton
Gone Hollywood
Crabbie's Hollywood


The Queen Of All Media Gets A New Do!!!

So, yesterday was Perez Hilton's Birthday and this is an exact quote from his site "we have a day of beauty planned, complete with a new makeover at our hair salon for tonight's XXXtravaganza." Okay let me get this straight, your special birthday treat was to go from Hot Pink to Bright Blue? Well, I guess it is the B$tch's birthday so he can do whatever he wants. I'm sure the other Hilton is thinking "That's Hot".

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This lucky B$tch got to hang out
with Amy Winehouse, AGAIN!!!!!
Man, no matter what you think about Perez,
he does truly get around!

I do have one question, WHERE'S THE BOOZE??
Featured party goers were Paris Hilton, Kelly Osbourne, Amy Winehouse and I'm sure many others. The party was held at "The Roxy" and sponsored by "K-Y Lubricant" (source).


Let's Get This Party Started!!!!!

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Sir Elton John's 60th birthday bash for 300 carefully selected A-list friends will be tonight at Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The 8 p.m. invite for cocktails, dinner and dancing at the world's largest Gothic cathedral in Morningside Heights specifies "elegant black tie," which could cover a wide range of flamboyant sartorial splendor inside the holy venue. The hosts - Elton's spouse David Furnish, and Ingrid Sischy and Sandy Brant of Interview magazine - declined to disclose details, and cathedral officials did not return calls. The celebration continues tomorrow at Madison Square Garden, where Elton performs his 60th sold-out concert at the venue.

Wishing you a most HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Elton John! Thank you for bringing such great music into our lives:)

Friday, March 23, 2007

Amy Winehouse Kicks The American Boys To The Curb

The hot UK singer performed March 19 at the Roxy on Sunset Strip and the male-dominated audience couldn't get enough of her. After the show there was a party for her at the private club upstairs On The Rox. Again, it was mostly men focused on Amy -she barely had a moment to relax. Cisco Adler (ex-boyfriend of Mischa Barton) turned on the charm for Amy, who was unimpressed. He insisted on getting her shots - she asked for two Patron shots and said "I"ll be right back" He stood by the two shots at the bar for the longest time before realizing she had NO intention of returning, and looked very embarrassed. Many guys tried to hit on her, but Amy resisted. One guy from Warner Brothers went up to her, drunkenly slobbering that he loved her music and he gushed "You're HOT!" She responded by SPITTING at him - she turned her back and walked away.

Blonde & Blonder Get Sued For Laptop Rage

Two photogs are claiming that an alleged violent incident involving Denise Richards and Pam Anderson has caused them to have nightmares, and now they want the dream babes to pay up.

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In a lawsuit filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Scott Cosman and Rik Fedyck claim that Denise Richards went into violent rage when she spotted them taking photographs of the actresses on the Canadian set of their upcoming movie "Blonde and Blonder" in early November 2006. According to the lawsuit, Richards "launched into a verbal tirade and a physical assault upon Cosman and Fedyck which lasted over 20 minutes" at the River Rock Casino Resort in Vancouver. During the incident, which the men claim was all caught on tape by a hotel security camera, Richards allegedly called the men "f**king c**ksucker at least 12-15 times as well as scumbags, douche bags and paparazzi scum."

According to the lawsuit, Richards then "snatched their laptop computers from their hands, and threw them over the [hotel] balcony" and into the lobby. One of the computers allegedly struck "an elderly woman in a wheelchair." Canadian police investigated the incident and decided it "wasn't in the best public interest to bring criminal charges" against Richards.

In the lawsuit, the photogs claim both Richards and Anderson falsely told the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that Fedyck and Cosman made violent threats against Richards and engaged in other "criminal activity." As a result, the men were "arrested and held by authorities for approximately three days." The photogs are suing both women for assault, battery, defamation, false arrest and a slew of other charges. No specific amount was named in the lawsuit.

Calls to reps for both Richards and Anderson were not immediately returned.

I remember when this happened and was appalled that Denise Richards got off! She threw a Laptop OVER a balcony! In our world, we would have been hauled to jail as fast as you can say lickety split! Finally, someone has the balls to stand up to her! Personally, and mind you this is my own humble opinion, I am glad (not so much tho, for Pammy, she didn't seem to have as much to do with it as the other blonde)!


Hot Couple Alerts!

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From Gawker sightings: "I was out walking when I saw model Jessica Stam and DJ AM walking, the two kissed and were walking with their arms around each other and completely oblivious to the outside world."
Go check out Jessica in Korean Vogue.

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Kevin Connolly and Haylie Duff were out together at Le Deux on Wednesday , looking like they were getting to know each other. On Saturday night they showed up at the after hours club Xenii holding hands and looking very together. "They were obviously on a date and were side by side, very cozy all night.

Paula Abdul's Fashion No No!

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Paula Abdul at Smashbox Studios for LA Fashion Week.
Check out the girl's face sitting behind her..
she's thinking to herself WTF?

Check Out The Bling!!!!

Rapper Lil’ John will be appearing in Guinness Book Of World Records as the record holder for the world’s “Biggest Bling.”

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The New York Daily News has details of the record setting piece of jewelry: The chain and pendant in question, created by Jason of Beverly Hills. It contains 3,756 round-cut white diamonds (estimated at 73 carats) set into 18-karat yellow and white gold, weighs 5.11 pounds, and is valued at a cool $500,000.


Can This Girl EVER Take A Bad Photo?

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Then I ran across this and it blew my theory all away.....
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The fur coat and shoes TOTALLY ruined it for me! This is FUG at it's best. J-LO & Marc Anthony are in Paris for more promo of her new album "Como Ama Una Mujer" which is J-LO's first all Spanish Album.

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She has been featured in a recent Vanity Fair "Italy" article, where she comments on her marriage:

“We aren't the type to separate our lives from our work. It's a synergy: music, cinema, the everyday things and most importantly, our love.'

'How do I love? With all of myself, passionately, without regard for the mistakes which one inevitably makes. Let me put it as I have in my song: 'Amo como una mujer, que vee en su hombre el paraƬso (I love like a woman who sees heaven in her man).' '
Well, I guess she MUST love the man mucho!

Source: FadedYouth, DListed

Give Me Your Toes & I'll Be 1 Happy Dude!

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Drummer Tommy Lee has a foot fetish and enjoys sucking the toes of hot women. He doesn’t discriminate, though, and did not hesitate to suck several guys’ feet from his band when asked:

Never say “suck on this” to foot-fetish freak Tommy Lee - unless you’ve got shoes on! The rad rocker, who admits he’s so obsessed he prowls shoe stores to spy on women’s feet, put his worst foot forward at Seattle club Fenix when he suddently started licking and sucking the toes of… ewww Guys! My Spywitness says Tommy was nibbling a buxom red-head’s tooties as his band Supernova looked on - until lead singer Lucas Rossi shed shoes and socks and demanded “a good lickin.’” Tommy ditched the dame, tongues Rossie’s toe-sies and ended up devouring the feet of other band members as disgusted patrons howled stuff like: “That’s really sick, dude!“
[From The National Enquirer print edition, Mike Walker’s column, March 26, 2007]

EWWW! Double EWWWW! They weren't even clean feet, but nasty A$$ feet just out of shoes& socks! Can you imagine all the lint & sh$t?


E. Coli Food Poisoning Was The Cause Of Lily-Rose's Hospital Stay

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Johnny Depp's seven-year-old daughter nearly died when her kidneys shut down after she suffered E.coli food poisoning, it was revealed today. Lily-Rose is recovering after spending nine days critically ill in an unnamed London hospital where her condition was said to be "touch and go". The Pirates Of The Caribbean star and his partner, 34-year-old Vanessa Paradis, kept a vigil at their daughter's hospital bedside earlier this month. Depp, 43, refused to return to the set of his latest film, Sweeney Todd, until she was out of danger, forcing filming to be stopped. E.coli food poisoning is commonly caused by improperly cooked meat, unpasteurised milk or water contamination. It is a bacteria which normally lives inside the intestines where it helps break down and digest food. But certain strains can get into the blood causing a rare but very serious infection. Staff on the Warner Bros set at Pinewood Studios in Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, were told the illness caused Lily-Rose's kidneys to shut down and she was lucky to survive. An insider said: "Everyone gasped when we were given the real reason for her illness. It was touch and go for a while."WOW!! What a scary situation for any parent to have to go through! No wonder her parents were by her side 24/7. I have read elsewhere but couldn't confirm the source that Lily-Rose will need a new kidney. So, it sounds like she probably is not out of the woods yet. Keep the Depp family in your thoughts & prayers!


I Just Called To Say "I Love You"

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Kate Moss keeps in touch with lover Pete Doherty
while on a photo shoot in St. Barts.

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Moss flew to St Barts earlier this week after being pictured house hunting with Pete Doherty, but she's had to leave her boyfriend behind to take part in this David Yurman shoot. The brand's signature style is "cable" jewellery, made from twisted, sterling silver ropes and in past campaigns the company has featured top models such as Naomi Campbell and Amber Valetta. Moss replaces Naomi Watts as the face of the brand. Hollywood celebrities including Steven Spielberg, Kevin Spacey, and Ashley Judd are David Yurman aficionados of the luxury brand.

Source: ONTD

Sundance "Mugshots"

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Jane Magazine went along to Sundance this year and asked every actor they could lay their hands on ‘What’s Your Crime?’ and then got their mugshot.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Will Ferrell Wants An Oscar

Funnyman Will Ferrell has called on the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences to create an Oscar for Best Comedy Performance. The Anchorman star insists comedic actors are more talented than 'serious' stars, and should be recognised for their skills by award bosses. He says, "I think it's a bit of a cop-out though. They really should just open up and consider comedic performances. "I don't know why there have to be separate categories. I think you can look at comic performances and think about a dramatic actor doing the same thing. They wouldn't be able to do it."

I think that the Oscars should have a category or 2 for the comedic actors. Think Steve Carell, Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Martin Short, etc--they deserve something for all the humor they have given the world. What do y'all think?

The End Is Near.....

The Soprano's Filming Is Almost Complete.
These Are Photos From Yesterday's Shoot
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Source: CrazyDaysAndCrazyNights