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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who Was That Teary Eyed Gal?

Defamer is reporting that the LA Times has uncovered the identity of Li'l Miss Waterworks, the young Idol fan whose uncontrollable weeping offered viewers a much needed aww-that's-cute giggle as Sanjaya Malakar puked on the grave of The Kinks.

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So who was the crying girl? Her name is Ashley Ferl, aged 13, from Riverside. For some long minutes after the show, Ashley remained in a state of inconsolable sobbing, unable to choke out a single word. However, through an interpreter (her mother) we were eventually able to learn some facts about the young superstar.

The family, I was told, obtained tickets on a website to attend a taping of "Smarter Than a 5th Grader" a day passage that included not just the taping of the show itself, but also the dress rehearsal of either "Grader" or "Idol." The fates were kind, and the mother and daughter found their way to the "Idol" rehearsal, where Ashley's waterworks began. Her prowess was quickly brought to the attention of "Idol" producers who summoned the clan to a ringside seat of honor at the final taping.

Well, once again just goes to show you that there are more things being STAGED on American Idol then you know. Rumor has it, that the man snark between Ryan & Simon was scripted! Well, that just BURSTS my bubble! I wanted it all to be REAL.

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