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Friday, March 23, 2007

Amy Winehouse Kicks The American Boys To The Curb

The hot UK singer performed March 19 at the Roxy on Sunset Strip and the male-dominated audience couldn't get enough of her. After the show there was a party for her at the private club upstairs On The Rox. Again, it was mostly men focused on Amy -she barely had a moment to relax. Cisco Adler (ex-boyfriend of Mischa Barton) turned on the charm for Amy, who was unimpressed. He insisted on getting her shots - she asked for two Patron shots and said "I"ll be right back" He stood by the two shots at the bar for the longest time before realizing she had NO intention of returning, and looked very embarrassed. Many guys tried to hit on her, but Amy resisted. One guy from Warner Brothers went up to her, drunkenly slobbering that he loved her music and he gushed "You're HOT!" She responded by SPITTING at him - she turned her back and walked away.

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