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Monday, March 19, 2007

Supermodel Makes Nice While Mopping Floors

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Campbell just finished her first dayof mopping and sweeping in a lower Manhattan garage. According to one of the Sanitation employees, Naomi won't get away with throwing her cell phone at any of the girls in here -- they'll tear her to pieces." To Campbell's credit, she didn't get into any scrapes with her teammates, at least today, and a Sanitation Dept. rep said that she's "not talking back" and she spent Monday cleaning offices and sweeping floors within the garage, working and "chit-chatting" with her co-workers. One thing Naomi won't be forced to clean: toilets. Among the various indignities endured by Campbell today, and to be suffered in the next four days, two stand out in particular: She was not allowed a cellphone (by mandate of the court), nor was she allowed to smoke.

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