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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You Too Can Be A PAP!

Vince Vaughn was out at a Japanese restaurant recently looking his normal dis-shelved mess. He was pounding Saki and talking loudly about how lousy his life was and how he can’t score with women. He was flailing his arms around and disturbing everyone else’s dinner, and a diner at the restaurant snapped a cell phone pic and sold it and the story to The Enquirer.

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The new Pap states: “Every five minutes or so he went out to smoke a cigarette, and then came back and ordered another bottle of saki. He was so hyper and loud - driving everyone in the restaurant crazy. He was talking about 120 miles an hour, and it was complain, complain, complain. Vince looked horrible too, as if he hadn’t slept in days. His eyes were puffy, and he looked unkempt. He kept throwing his hands in the air, like he wanted to hit someone. At one point, a 10 year-old asked him for his autograph and Vince rolled his eyes, said the source. Vince mumbled something to his friend, like, ‘See what I mean? What am I supposed to do - refuse him?’ He signed the autograph but didn’t look too happy about being approached.”

I wonder how much this person got paid for this story! Just a cell phone and a celebrity equals PAYDAY!


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