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Monday, March 19, 2007

Tears For Spears Not Enough To Save Britney From A Romp In The Bushes

R&B star Jamelia showed her support for troubled singer Britney Spears by donning an outsize fluorescent tee-shirt bearing the slogan Tears For Spears during a gig at a London club. The singer, whose new single No More was released on Monday, says she knows how hard it is to be a pop star and a successful mother. "As a mum I know all about the pressures of juggling a music career with raising your children," revealed the mum-of-two. "Britney's obviously having a tough time and I hope she pulls it together," added the sympathetic British star, who later removed the shirt to reveal.

Unfortunately, no amount of tears seems to be able to save Britney, for reports are surfacing that Britney and her tennis partner were found frolicking in the foliage of the grounds and had to be separated by security staff.

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A source told Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Britney and her new male friend decided to play a game of tennis. Britney is allowed a little more freedom now she's been in the center a while. The next thing they had sneaked off into the bushes and were getting pretty passionate. They weren't actually having sex but there was definitely some groping. We had to step in to separate them. They were told off. They're in rehab and relationships between vulnerable people aren't really encouraged."

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