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Monday, March 19, 2007

Jon Heder Breaks An Ankle

The movie, Blades Of Glory, was almost canned after Jon broke his ankle on the ice. The actor had just started shooting when his skate got caught deep in the ice during a practice spin and he snapped his ankle. Somehow, Heder made a miraculous recovery. The actor says, "I was going for a spin and the toe pick was, I guess, a little too deep into the ice; I really shoved it in there. "I went into a spin and my foot just really held tight. So my body kept spinning and I just kind of crumpled over on top of it. "I was really hoping it was sprained. I didn't hear a crack or anything but it really did hurt. I just remember when the doctor said it's broken, we thought the movie was gone. "They even told us it's gonna have to be canned. I didn't get on (the ice) right after; they gave me my time to heal. I remember thinking, 'Is it gonna be weird to get back on the ice?' It was like riding a bike. I basically picked up where I last left off." Blades Of Glory opens March 30, 2007. Also starring, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler & Craig T. Nelson.

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