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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Johnny Depp Quits Acting!

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Movie hunk Johnny Depp has vowed not to return to acting until his daughter is fully recovered. Filming on new movie Sweeney Todd has been put on hold since Lily-Rose, seven, was admitted to a London hospital two weeks ago. Staff at Pinewood Studios, Bucks, have now been told they will be laid off at the weekend unless Depp, 43, returns. A film source said: “He does not want to come back until Lily-Rose gets the all-clear. The plan is to re-employ everybody when she is better.”

Now, that is a MAN with his priorities straight. Of course, it helps that he has buckets & buckets of money and doesn't need to worry about working for now. Just hope he is willing to go out and do the publicity for Pirates 3 (only cuz I want to see his face at all those premieres)!

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