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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Taye + Kate=Good TV?

Taye Diggs will star opposite Kate Walsh in ABC’s potential spinoff from hit medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.”

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The show will test the waters as a back-door pilot, an expanded two-hour episode of “Grey’s” slated to air in May. It will center on neonatal surgeon Addison Shepherd (Walsh), a character who has enjoyed a strong following from fans since she was introduced at the end of the hot surgical drama’s first season.

It is understood that the back-door pilot episode will feature Shepherd on the verge of leaving Seattle Grace, a scenario that will be triggered if ABC goes with the spinoff for next season. There were no details on the character Diggs will play.

Diggs’ casting in the “Gray” spinoff stems from a new talent holding deal he recently signed with ABC TV Studio, where “Grey’s Anatomy” is based. He starred in two drama series for the studio, “Kevin Hill” for UPN and “Day Break” for ABC.

Well, I just may have to take back what I said yesterday about 1 of these shows taking a dive. Maybe with the hotness of Taye Diggs it might work! Yet, again his 2 other shows didn't. Again, it's just a game of wait & see.

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