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Monday, March 5, 2007

BFF With Benefits?

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Fame Magazine has a source that insists Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn are still dating… just with no strings attached. I don’t know… can you see Jennifer being so free with dating? Hasn’t she been a long term commitment kinda gal thus far? I don’t think she is a serial dater. But experience changes people. So who really knows. A close friend said: “When Vince saw her again at dinner in January, that spark was still there. “They both admitted it afterwards. “But they’re realistic about their chances of committing properly so they’ve decided to just be friends with benefits.” It turns out there are no set rules but Jen sees it as spending time together with “no strings attached”. Great Friends The friend then added: “It just makes sense. They love spending time together, they’re great friends and they trust each other. “So why not have some fun until something serious turns up?”
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Is Paris Hilton the Serious Thing?
Vince: That skanky ho waving to you from across the poker table does not deserve you or your tally.
Run Vince Run--as fast as you can, take your chips and high tail it out of dodge. Stick with Jen and your friend with benefit status!

Source: INO, ONTD

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