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Monday, March 5, 2007

Julia Comes Home!!

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British actress Joely Richardson is set to return to the cast of hit drama Nip/Tuck after putting her career on hold to care for her sick daughter.
The star temporarily quit the show last year (06) to spend time with her teenage daughter, Daisy, in London. Richardson feared she’d have to give up her role in the plastic surgery drama for good, but producers are desperate to have her back.

She says, “I never actually left the series. I just needed time out for a personal reason, which they very kindly gave me and it was just three episodes… It wasn’t a dramatic exit on any level. “I’m definitely contracted for a fifth season of the show. We’re just talking about it now.”

This makes me so very happy! Nip/Tuck was not going to be the same without her! If y'all have gotten hooked on this show, you need to run straight to your nearest DVD store and rent all the episodes you can. Because once you start watching you won't be able to stop.

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