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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Oh Those Crazy Brits!!

Love is in the air for Kate Moss and Pete Doherty. (Again)
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At the NME Awards, the boozy couple told News Of The World that marriage plans are in the works — aside from one minor problem: the cops are after Pete. Junkie Pete says the couple is planning an exotic far off ceremony, but the law has swiped his passport:
“We can’t get married thanks to the police f***ers. We want to do it away, a special wedding somewhere miles from anywhere and everyone. But the f***ing police have taken away my passport. It f***ing sucks. I’m stuck here.”

And Kate didn’t just listen to her chattering sweetheart. She added her own two cents:
“I just want to be with my boyfriend. He’s wild, crazy, but he’s cool.”

Not only is the gorgous gal in love with Pete, but she insists her doping days are over:
“I wouldn’t be standing here if I was off my face, would I?. I can’t understand all the interest in us any more. I’d rather be at home with him. We don’t go out much, only to the odd event like this. I don’t like this scene thing and I refuse to go to after parties. It’s not me. Like tonight, we’ll probably just go home afterwards and…”

These 2 are a train wreck in the making. Love must blind in her case.

Source: TheRadReport

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