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Friday, March 9, 2007

Rhett Defends His Fax Decision

INXS frontman Michael Hutchence’s brother, Rhett has defended his decision to sell the late singer’s personal belongings on eBay. The items include a fax to then girlfriend Kylie Minogue and a pair of Michael’s glasses.

Rhett’s mom reportedly criticized and disowned her son for cashing in on Michael’s fame almost 10 years after the rock star’s death. Rhett’s reponse? He’s only doing it to have what Kylie and Michael had - love!

He claims he was auctioning the “unimportant” items so he could afford to move to Holland to be with his girlfriend. “I assure you all the really important things I’m keeping. I will be passing on a lot of these things to Tiger (Michael’s daughter) when she’s old enough.” he said. “The fact is, I’m in love. She’s young and beautiful and everything I could want, I just need to raise some money so I can be with her. Michael wouldn’t have minded at all, he’d be happy I’m in love and have some direction in my life.”

I'm on Team Mom's side. Go get a job instead of trying to "cash in" on your dead brothers' fame!

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