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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Robbie To Continue Day Treatment In L.A.

Rob’s sister Sally told yesterday how the singer left the clinic because he could not stand the harsh regime there.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

She says he is determined to continue his treatment as a day patient back in LA, accompanied by his mum Jan. Sally said: “He felt uncomfortable staying in there so he is going to use another clinic. There is a process they go through and he hasn’t completed all of the steps yet, so he is going to finish the work elsewhere. “I think he is a lot better than he was but obviously he has not completed his course so he needs to continue.

In other Robbie news, a week ago The Sun asked fans to send Robbie some love and boy did the fans comply. His dad, Pete Conway says, "It’s amazing the support he’s received. He’s had sackloads of cards and messages from fans. On Valentine’s Day alone he got 57,000 cards. I don’t know how he’ll get through them all. Next, week I am going to take some more of the messages to him in LA." Pete adds “I speak to Rob every other day. He is fine — tickety boo. I spoke to him two days ago when he was coming out. I wasn’t surprised. He said he wanted to leave and he did.”

It seems like Robbie's family loves and supports him in his endeavors! We all are rooting for you!!

Source: JustJared

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