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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Taylor's Album Dived

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Looks like Taylor Hicks' gray hair might have been a liability after all, as his debut album is tracking to be the first by an "Idol" winner to fall short of 1 million units sold, which some music industry wags blame on Hicks' soul-lite stylings being too "old."

The unlikely Season Five champ has sold 640,000 copies of "Taylor Hicks," which was released in December, but the album is languishing below 100 on the Billboard charts, while fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry has already sold over a million copies of his debut disc. What's more, fellow "Idol" winners Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Ruben Studdard, and Carrie Underwood all did much better in their first couple months.

An exec from J Records, in an interview with the AP, blames the record's "longer burn" on the fact that the music is "much more adult."

Source: TMZ


dianne said...

I have not seen Taylor in the mainstream or could I tell you the name of any of his songs. Whoever is "marketing" him has not done their job. Instead of analizing how or what label to stick on him, sell him as himself, don't change a thing. He is VERY musical, his entire body feels every note. SELL HIM AS HIMSELF, he has sex appeal and charisma, let him fly on his own.

KELLY said...

Absolutely correct! Whoever is marketing Taylor's music isn't effectively getting the word out. He has tremendous, diversified talent.... but he might as well be singing in the shower if you don't get him out there in front of the fans.