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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Ari, Vince & E Do Aspen

Turtle and Drama couldn't make the "Entourage" tribute Saturday night at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. But Ari (Jeremy Piven), Vince (Adrian Grenier) and E (Kevin Connolly) held court on stage at the St. Regis and later at a VIP party at the Caribou Club.
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The theme of the evening was gratitude. Not only are the characters grateful in the HBO hit series, but the actors echo that gratitude in getting to be in the show. Everyone on "Entourage" thinks he's Mister Lucky."You know, there would be special jobs that you'll have as an actor over the course of your career, but I just know that this is a special one," Connolly said. "Adrian and I sit around all day and look at each other like, man, this is great. I love this. We love our jobs, and, honestly, I couldn't possibly be happier, man, if I tried."

Grenier was the most effusive, adding: "One of the lessons of 'Entourage' is to be humble and appreciate where you are. And to know where you came from. And that, if it all goes (away), you always have your friends and what's at your core. And not to really reach too high, and just to, like, let it come and let it flow. And I think that's a lesson I've learned to adopt in my life, and it works. Try it."

Entourage "should" start with ALL new episodes April 8th. So get the TIVO's ready for season 4 with the boys.

Source: TheDenverPost

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