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Monday, April 30, 2007

Britney, Girl, What Are You Thinking?

This must be Britney's check list every morning when she leaves homes.
Tacky Hat-Check
Even Tackier Wig-Check
Outrageous Outfit-Check
Fishnet Stockings WITH Holes-Check
Brown Boots-Check
Now, I'm reading to begin my day!

Oh & BTW, Britney had a date with Howie Daty.
This is the guy she was rumored to have
been romping in the bushes with at re-hab!

Check out Howie Day's Law Problems:

2004 -- Arrested for locking a woman in the bathroom
on a tour bus after she refused his sexual advances
2004 -- Arrested for breaking woman's cell phone
2005 -- Arrested for "interfering with a flight crew"
(translation: verbally abusing crew and kicking passengers' seats)
2006 -- Attended court-mandated alcohol counseling program
Looks like our Britney has picked another winner.

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