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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cameron Had A Popping Time Last Night

Details are starting to emerge from Cameron Diaz's wild night out with the Hilton girls. As reported by a spy to Us Weekly, Cam was at Teddys last night,dancing up a storm & embarrassingly so. Then she grabbed Nicky Hilton by the hand and led her to the girls room. Inside the loo, they glared at themselves in the mirror and complained about their spots. But instead of freshening up, taking a tinkle, and going back out…the two started POPPING THEIR ZITS In the bathroom!!! While it’s good to see Cameron letting her hair down and taking a night off from hanging at the Gym On Nero with Teddy Bass. Why would she choose to do so with Paris & Nicky? Poor Cam was so drunk she tried to get into the wrong car until the waiting photogs told her otherwise and pointed her back to her Prius (don’t worry Cam wasn’t driving home, she had a driver)

EWWW, partying with the skank Paris Hilton. What is wrong with you Cam? Don't you know that every person who has entered her circle has come away as damaged goods. Stay away from her! Seriously.


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