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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lourdes Appears To Have A Wee Bit Of Jet Lag

Chaos erupted in a small village in rural Malawi on Tuesday when Madonna and the one-year-old boy she hopes to adopt arrived at the orphanage where she found him.Scores of international and local journalists tried to force their way into the orphanage to get closer to Madonna, and were confronted by some 500 angry orphans who threw stones at them. Orphanage officials attempted to calm the children down, and called two police officers who evicted journalists from the "Home of Hope" at the foot of Mchinji mountain. The US pop star, who is in the country for a three-day trip, was visiting projects she had funded around the country, and was expected to re-unite her prospective son with his biological father.

David waves bye-bye to the PAPS!!!

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