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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Orlando Bloom Does Gotham

On the eve of the release of Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End, the third film in the series, the avid environmentalist is looking toward venturing into independent “socially relevant” films. He’s ready to move on and shed the costumes. It may be a chance for us to finally see the real Orlando… maybe.

G: What’s the most bizarre interaction you’ve had with a fan?
OB: In New York this girl kind of freaked out at me. I was being let out of a building and the security people were saying, “You’ve got to keep moving! You can’t stop! If you stop we’re going to have chaos in here!” But she got kind of aggressive with me and was really angry. She was like, “I’ve been at every premiere and you never say hello.” And it was funny, I felt really upset. I felt bad for her. So I turned around and went over to her and just gave her a hug and said, “It’s cool. I’m sorry you feel let down or disappointed. But the nature of my life is I can’t necessarily stop every time, and it’s not because I don’t want to.” I think she felt a little better afterward, and so did I. And for me, it actually shed a little light on the other side of the coin.

G: I heard there’s actually an imposter “Orlando” on MySpace. Have you checked out his site?
OB: I heard about him in a really weird way. This guy approached me in my hometown and said something like, “I’m Angel.” He had this mad look in his eye. I was like, “You’re who? That’s a funny name for a guy.” And he said, “I’m four down on MySpace. You’re on MySpace, right?” And I said, “I don’t even know what it is!” I’m not on it. So anyone who’s pretending to be me, I hope he’s getting laid a lot.

G: Is it hard for you to date when you’re the focus of so much attention?
OB: Yeah, it is. It just kills the romance of the initial moment. I grew up predominantly with my mother and my sister, so I’m comfortable in the presence of women. I have a lot of female friends, and I can’t step outside with any of them without being linked to them in some form or another. It’s sort of annoying, but what can you do?

G: So, are you dating Penélope Cruz?
OB: [Pause] She’s a friend of mine.

G: So you’re not dating?
OB: [Very, very long pause] OK, so what’s your next question?
Here's the rest of the interview.


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