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Sunday, April 22, 2007

More Bad News Out Of Georgia Rules, Now LaLohan Has Jane Fonda Upset!

According to "JJ", An individual from Jane Fonda's camp recently made him aware of Jane's bitterness towards Lindsay Lohan. The co-worker of Jane's spoke openly about how upset she still is regarding Lindsay's out-of-control behavior on and off the set of their movie, Georgia Rules. The conversation from Fonda's camp came up after it was said Jane was miffed and didn't want Lohan at the movie premiere for 'Georgia Rules,' which will be held in Atlanta instead of LA on May 7. The Atlanta premiere will benefit the non-profit organization in which Jane Fonda's co-chair of, G-Capp. Last word was that the staff was going to attempt to get Lindsay there regardless, for the media aspect. Jane would not be happy with her appearance, especially if she is diva like or she doesn't show when she tells other she will. The conversation furthers on Fonda's camp by saying that Lindsay has no credibility in this industry and only gives a poor image to the film. Something Jane and others put a lot of hard work into.

I have seen the promo commercials for Georgia Rules and would like to see the movie. I love Jane Fonda & Felicity Huffman. Yet, I have a hard time giving my hard earned $$$$ to LaLohan's pockets. There have been too many reports from various actors to the lack of respect this gal shows when she is at work. It is a shame that someone like Lindsay can stain a movie before it even comes out. And yet here we see her out & about carrying a script. Why do people persist in looking to her to take on roles in their movies? So, I guess will have to see whose weight carries in the industry, Jane Fonda or Lindsay Lohan.


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