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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Would You Like To Know What Stephen Dorff Has Been Up To Lately?

Remember Stephen Dorff? No? Well he's an actor, and in spite of having over 50 credits on his IMDB credits, no one really remembers him from anything notable. He was the bad guy in 'Blade', if that means anything to you. Anywhoo, Dorff was at Club Xenii recently, and was incredibly liquored up. He splashed some of his drink on some random girl's chest, and apolgized while making an off-colour comment to her, which pissed off her boyfriend. The boyfriend grabbed the little guy (he's 5'8"), and threw him across the bar, sending many bottles of high priced liquor a-flying. Incredibly no blood was spilled, and Stephen spent the rest of the evening propped up in a corner, either passed out or just taking a snooze. The thing that Stephen Dorff is most remembered for is trading insults at a NY club with Jeremy Piven who called Dorff a has-been, and Dorff said at least he was a movie actor, and not just some cable TV guy like Piven.

Well, I guess Stephen has been up to what every celeb is up to in Hollyweird! Getting drunk.

source: JanetCharlteon'sHollywood

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