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Sunday, April 15, 2007

How Did Prince Williams Spend His First Night As A Single Dude?

Prince William went out Friday night/Saturday morning, just hours before it was announced he broke up with girlfriend of five years Kate Middleton and he got shit-faced drunk! The newly single royal went out with some pals to hotspot Mahiki and spent over $22,000.00 in pricey booze. The Prince and his pals spent five hours drinking $1600 magnums of Dom Perignon champagne, $600 bottles of premium Belvedere Vodka and other drink cocktails, princes in the hundreds of dollars. William even spent some time on the dancefloor, drunk dancing to the Rolling Stones and others. "He was slumped in the corner looking miserable," said a spywitness. Bleary-eyed, Wills finally staggered out of the club at 3.30 am with a drinks stain visible on his brown corduroy trousers. That A Boy--go & drown your sorrows away!


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