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Friday, April 6, 2007

JT Didn't Want To Run Into Cameron, But He Did!

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Justin Timberlake must have hoped he'd seen the Sexy Back of his ex Cameron Diaz. So he didn’t look too happy when the pair were reunited for Press interviews at the same Beverly Hills hotel. Justin and Cam both do voices for animation movie Shrek III. When they were doe-eyed lovers working together must have seemed a cute idea. But Justin had a face like thunder as he left the meeting at the Four Seasons. It’s bad enough when you bump into each other at a bar, never mind when you have to put on a front for the cameras.

Can anyone tell me just what exactly it was that Cameron saw in Justin? Ever since they split he has just been a whiny A$$ punk. She is way better off without him and I mean WAY!

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