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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Pink Is Censored By US Stations

Radio stations are stifling Pink and her anti-bush views. In "Dear Mr. President," P!nk slams President George "Dubya" Bush's domestic and war policies. It seems most programs don't allow her to discuss her political views. She was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and thanked him for letting her sing and discuss the song, which she says the hasn’t really been allowed to do on the radio or other TV shows.

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Pop star PINK has created her very own bootcamp work-out in an effort to keep her body toned and fit. The Trouble singer runs and meditates daily, but she thinks her love of wine is the secret to her good look. She says, "I run 60 minutes a day, I do an hour of yoga and then I drink a lot of wine - I think that helps, I honestly do." And Pink has just quit smoking so she can concentrate on being as healthy as possible.

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