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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Valerie Let's The Cat Out Of The Bag

Valerie Bertinelli has found herself in trouble with her boyfriend after revealing on live TV yesterday that he has had a vasectomy. The former wife of rocker Eddie Van Halen was a guest on morning show The View when she revealed she had just missed her period - suggesting she was hitting the menopause. And when host Barbara Walters hinted that she might actually be pregnant, Bertinelli blurted out, "I'm not pregnant," pointing at her shocked lover, who was seated in the front row of the studio audience, and adding, "He's had a vasectomy." The actress and the studio audience found the revelation hilarious but her stunned boyfriend wasn't laughing. Instead, he shook his head and stared in disbelief at his partner. As the laughter died down, Bertinelli got serious, saying, "I just realized my father and my son are watching this, so I just have to really shut up."

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Anonymous said...

I think this advertising FOR Jenny Craig is exactly the reason I will NEVER use Jenny Craig! Shame on Kirstie AND Valerie! How dare Kirstie agree to saying Valerie is FAT .. and she's "no longer" fat?? Says WHO?? Maybe some think she still IS fat? Maybe some don't feel Valerie is fat! How desperate have our celebrities come to shrink to this level and go on national t.v. having someone call out that you're FAT?? Come on!