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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

What Goes Around, Comes Around!!!

US Weekly is reporting that on April 6, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel arrived at a friend's birthday party in Malibu, California, " holding hands with Biel" and quoted a party guest as saying, " If Jessica was talking to a group of girls, Justin would come over, kiss her neck and start making out with her.”

And Perez reported that "On Saturday night, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johannson were seen getting close at the Manhattan restaurant Odeon. "They were in a good mood," says one eyewitness who saw them laughing and smiling. "They were definitely holding hands," says another observer. "They were a cute couple!" Johansson, 22, who is a New York native, and Reynolds, 30, who ended his engagement to Alanis Morissette in February, also spent Easter together. The pair, who were with a group of pals, arrived at the Carlyle hotel around 4 p.m. Sunday for the $135 prix fixe lunch. The whole group "was having a blast," says one witness. "It looked like a group of friends. I don't even think they were celebrating Easter."

Okay, so let me get this straight. Justin Timberlake hooks up with Jessica Biel, disses her at a party. Then hooks up with ScarJo. Somewhere in between, Jessica hooks up with Ryan Reynolds. Ryan then hooks up with ScarJo. While they are off coupling, JT and Jessica hook up again! WHEW, quite the merry-g0-round. Well, they are ALL good looking so no one really loses here on this circular dating ground. Folks, only in Hollyweird!


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