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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Posh and Becks Are Living Separate Lives

There is much speculation that the Beckhams' marriage will hit the rocks over the footballer's famously wandering eye when the couple eventually settle in California. But in reality the couple are living almost separate lives. Victoria is spending less time than ever at the family home in Madrid. Instead, she is busying herself in LA or visiting the UK -so much so that David has taken to marking their days together on his calendar. 'The truth is the Beckhams are leading pretty separate lives and David isn't pleased about it,' says a friend of the couple. 'He has a calendar in his bedroom with days circling how much time he and his wife have spent together and he considers it too scant.' While Victoria has been jetting between Madrid and LA looking for a house, former England skipper David has been fulfilling his commitments with Real Madrid before leaving to join the LA Galaxy team in the summer. But they have yet to find the perfect home because of Victoria's strict stipulations that it must have two separate master bedrooms with bathrooms. A spokesperson for the Beckhams declined to comment, but my source tells me: 'Victoria is adamant that they have to have their own spaces because of their different schedules.' 'They are like ships passing in the night much of the time and one is always complaining that the other disturbs them because of their different timetables.' Apparently, like royalty, they even try never to fly together so that in the event of a crash their three sons would still have someone to look after them. Let's hope the couple get to spend some quality time in LA when they finally get there.

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